Tekmetric And The Benefits Of Having A Digital Vehicle Inspection Tool


If you’re the owner of an auto shop then chances are that you’re aware of how investing in a digital vehicle inspection tool can help your business. Technology plays a major role in every field nowadays when it comes to streamlining processes, and the automotive field is no different. An auto shop software can help keep track of every item in the inventory, perform tasks much easier and much faster, and improve customer experience – which, in turn, leads to more business.

Enter Tekmetric

Tekmetric is a shop management system launched in 2015 by Sunil Patel and Prasanth Chilukuri with the goal of providing the right software tools to auto repair shops in a format that is easy to use. The system can help schedule appointments, manage vendors, create estimates, and it is also simple, secure and it allows owners to manage all aspects of their business in one place. In addition, if you have a larger operation, the platform is customizable and it works for multiple shops simultaneously.

Tekmetric Benefits

  • Keeping Track of Orders – Letting repair orders pile up can not having a management system in place in order to remain organized can create a feeling that your auto shop is getting behind on the work that needs to be done. A piece of auto shop software such as Tekmetric can help owners stay on top of things and be constantly up to date about the orders that need attention.
  • Keeping Track of Customers – A great method for people who want to grow their business is repeat customers, this is no different for auto shops. Having a mailing list of your customers and being able to communicate with them regularly can ensure that your shop retains its customers.
  • Manage Inspections Easily – Once the shop is linked to the DMV, it can turn into a digital vehicle inspection station, which in turns means that using a digital vehicle inspection tool is in order. Tekmetric can easily connect the shop to the local DMV, and can help the auto shop become an efficient inspection station, which will end up increasing the amount of business year round.
  • Inventory Management – Managing the inventory of your auto shop is a must. If an order requires specific parts in order to be complete, you will need to ensure that every piece is in place and ready to go. Tekmetric can help keep an inventory of the items in the auto-shop, and also re-order parts once they are required.
  • Employee Management – Depending on how big the operation is, managing employees can become intimidating and could require a lot of work. An auto shop software will keep all the information in one place, which will come in handy as far as tax information, days off and overtime goes.
  • Pricing Customization – If you want to remain competitive then competitive pricing is necessary. With the right software you will be able to adjust the payments whenever you consider it fit, and also offer discounts at certain times of year in order to remain relevant in the local market.

Having a tool designed to manage aspects of a digital vehicle inspection will help the auto shop not only business-wise but it will also streamline the process. If you own a small local auto shop, Tekmetric can make things a lot easier given its ability to perform a wide range of tasks in a short amount of time – from digital vehicle inspection to listing inventory items.

In addition, Tekmetric can also be used in case you own a large business or a chain of auto shop, due to its cloud storage feature – meaning that with a single account the whole business can be controlled from multiple locations.