What is a Car Subscription?

Car Subscription

It’s no secret that driving often offers individuals maximum freedom and allows them to go wherever they want, whenever they want – but there are plenty of drawbacks that may be stopping them from using their skills to their full advantage. For example, you may not be able to drive the car you want, you may worry about having to make costly repairs, or you may even be in a position where you are sharing a vehicle and simply don’t have the flexibility you’d like. The good news is that in any of these instances (and more), a car subscription could be the simplest answer to your problems.

What is a car subscription?

The term ‘car subscription’ is pretty self-explanatory on the face of it, so you may already have a basic idea of what this entails. Firstly, it is a service that an individual can make use of by approaching a specialised dealership that will create a rolling, month-to-month, no-obligation contract to borrow the car of their choice. The company will be responsible for maintenance and repairs, while the customer will have the flexibility to change vehicles as they wish, cancel their contract at any time and when opting for all-inclusive car subscriptions and even have access to a host of worthwhile additional perks like covered insurance and valet services.

How do car subscriptions differ from leasing?

While the two activities are very similar in nature, the biggest difference between subscriptions and leasing is flexibility. When leasing a car, you will typically be locked into a contract that can last anywhere from six months to three years – and this isn’t always the best option for a host of individuals. Subscription services typically function on a one-month basis, with the option to sign up for as long as you’d like. This flexibility means that you can cater to your own specific needs when driving and you can even drive a new car every month by simply switching subscriptions when the previous one is up.

The benefits of car subscriptions

The great thing about car subscriptions is that you can choose what you drive, as the options range from affordable to luxury. The principle behind a service like this is to provide convenience, flexibility, variety and a better approach to borrowing cars than similar services like short and long term leasing or car-sharing. Users can cancel subscriptions at any time with no fees or penalties, enjoy unlimited vehicle upgrades (or downgrades) and much more, under one all-inclusive monthly fee.

How to get started with car subscriptions

If you think a car subscription could be for you, it may be a good idea to understand what sign up entails. Once you have chosen a reputable provider, you’ll be able to go online, create an account and browse their vehicle catalogue to select the make and model you want. Next, register and confirm your details and sit back while they perform a credit check. Once everything has been given the go-ahead, you can schedule delivery and be on your way.

It really can be this straightforward to get on the road with a car subscription, so why not get involved today?