Learn These Common Head Injuries From Car Accidents

Car Accidents

Car accidents can lead to various numbers of injuries, and one of them is head injuries which can be fatal, so you must pay particular attention when you suspect that you have sustained one.

Head injuries can also be of various types, depending on whether you see their symptoms immediately or later in life. Injuries to the head are expensive and should be treated as soon as possible .If you are injured in a car accident, contact a lawyer to file a legal claim.

Different types of head injuries

1. Sustaining a concussion:

This is the most common head injury you sustain in a car accident. It is typically defined as a head injury caused due to impact and leads to dizziness or losing consciousness. Although not the most severe brain injury, it still needs medical attention from a professional.

2. Sustaining a contusion:

Brain contusion refers to the bruising of the brain. A contusion causes bleeding or/and swelling inside the brain at the impact area. Contusions are not visible outside but can be fatal in the long run. They can cause long-term complications to a person, which may lead to death too. A contusion caused due to a car accident should not be taken lightly and should be given immediate medical care.

3. Sustaining a diffuse axonal injury or DAI:

This type of injury refers to tearing the brain’s axons (connective nerve fibers). This is mainly caused when your brain rotates inside your skull. It can cause coma or other kinds of injuries to your brain and needs immediate medical attention.

4. Sustaining penetrating head trauma:

This type of injury is caused due to a sharp object penetrating your skull and is primarily seen in young people in car accidents. The diagnosis mainly includes cranioplasty, which is an extensive and expensive procedure. This kind of injury is obvious and needs immediate hospitalization.

5. Sustaining a coup- contrecoup injury:

A coup injury is at the area of impact, and a contrecoup injury is the one you sustain directly opposite to the coup injury. These are very common in car accidents and are fatal due to extensive damage caused.

6. Sustaining brain injuries caused due to other factors:

An injury caused due to impact on different organs is also called an acquired brain injury. This is caused due to various reasons, ranging from a stroke to damaged lungs and heart. These damages incurred in different parts of the body lead to brain damage. You will need a medical practitioner to help you damage control since brain injuries are terrible for your mental health and pocket.