Keeping Your Car Safe on the Road During Unusual Weather Events


When you think about disastrous events, your mind probably brings up images of earthquakes, tornadoes, and golf balls falling from the sky. Okay, maybe you don’t imagine golf balls, but that does occur occasionally, and the tiny spheres do considerable damage to a vehicle traveling along the roadway. Here are some helpful hints about keeping your car safe on the road during unusual weather events.

Hail Damage

If you are driving during a hail storm, there is little you can do except pull off the road. Hail falling on a still car does less damage than one that continues along its path. After the storm has finished denting your vehicle with ice chunks, call a hail damage repair Denver CO shop to get all the dings removed.

Insect Infestations

Insects may not seem like a disaster until you run into one of the walls of bugs that pop up unexpectedly across the globe. Flies, grasshoppers, and locusts can accumulate in the millions and create a torrential wall of living bodies that can seriously damage your vehicle if you hit them as they migrate. Instead of continuing your travels when you can’t see anything but bugs, pull over and wait for the critters to pass. You will probably want to get your car washed immediately after the insects leave the area!

Fog Walls

Few things are as scary as hitting a wall of fog while traveling at high speeds on the freeway. Not only is visibility suddenly impaired, but you often can’t tell where you are on the road. Lights from nearby vehicles can reflect strange patterns in the droplets of water and make the vehicles appear as if they are much closer than they are. Staying focused and slowing down is the best thing to do when traveling in fog.

Rain Sheets

There are many types of rains that drivers must contend with, but the most dangerous is rain sheets. When the heavens open up and pour buckets of liquid down all at once, you may not be able to see beyond your windshield. If vehicles in front of you stop suddenly, a dangerous pileup can occur. To protect yourself, turn on your headlights, slow down a little, and beware of extensive hydroplaning.

If you find yourself in any of these unusual weather conditions while driving, remember not to slam on your brakes and to stay focused. You can protect your vehicle if you use the simple tips above. Staying safe is the best end result of all.