How To Prepare Your BMW For Track Day


Are you a BMW racer who has an upcoming track day? As you seek BMW performance parts, you’ll want to ensure that they’re reliable and durable. By making these factors a top priority, your car will come out strong for the big day.

As they say at CarBahn Autoworks, “Make sure you take proactive measures to ensure every part of your BMW is ready for racing.” With high-quality parts, you’ll be able to make your car competitive on the track.

Today, we’ll discuss some great ways how you can prep your BMW for prime time.

Check Your Brakes

The first thing you’ll need to do is make sure your BMW has adequate brakes for racing. During a race, being able to stop is very important. Stock brake pads will wear out fast while on the track. With new rotors and performance pads, your car can meet the demands of intense races.

As for the fluids, you’ll also need to upgrade the stock brake fluids to racing fluids. Taking this step will help your car handle the track’s extreme temperatures and prevent brake fade.

To complete your brake setup, look to convert your stock brake lines to stainless steel lines. With this measure, you’ll be able to manage in-depth bleeding of your brake system. By keeping your brakes in great shape, you’ll stand to have a fun and safe day on the track.

Make Sure Your Tires Can Handle The Track

You never want to head out on the track with regular all-season tires as they can wear out fast. Instead, you want to have high-performance tires that can meet the demands of hard-driving.

Here are some examples of tires that can help you meet race track demands.

  • Bridgestone Potenza
  • Michelin Pilot Sport
  • Toyo Proxes RRs
  • Yokohama Advan

These tires can not only handle the track’s conditions but also get you to and from the track without issues. When seeking BMW performance parts, make sure to put these kinds of tires at the top of your list.

Check That Your Car Suspensions Are In Prime Shape

Checking your BMW’s suspension components is also key to preparing for a track day. It’s never pleasant when your suspension allows your car to flop all over the place. When this occurs, it may slow you down on the track. There are two ways to ensure you have the best suspensions for your BMW.

Upgrade To A Coilover Suspension System

Upgrading the BMW’s suspension system to a coilover can bring you great benefits. With coilover suspensions, you can adjust the height to your preference. Depending on the kit, you may be able to change your damper and rebound settings too.

Inspect Suspension Bushings And Drive Train Mounts

You should also check your suspension bushings and drive train mounts. BMWs come from factories contain bushings and mounts that use rubber parts. These rubber parts allow for some movement of the suspension. Over time, the rubber breaks down and leads to excessive movement and vibration.

The best way to address this is to ensure these five parts are in top shape:

  • Control arm bushings
  • Differential mounts
  • Engine mounts
  • Rear trailing arm bushings
  • Transmission mounts

If you need to replace them, go with BMW performance parts like UHMW bushings and mounts. They can help eliminate suspension deflections and improve the responsiveness of your engine. With top-quality parts like these, you’ll be able to improve your overall experience.

Tune Your ECU System

Many BMW cars have turbochargers that you can easily tune up for more power. With a simple ECU tune, you can add significant horsepower for your BMW.

That extra power will make your car more exciting on the track and give you a competitive edge in a race. Not only that, but it will also be friendly towards your budget.

Keep Your Cooling System Up To Date

Whether you have a tuned turbocharged engine or not, updating your cooling or radiator system will benefit you. Heat can be a problem while on the track, especially if you have a tuned turbocharged engine.

With warm weather and prolonged full-throttle use, your car may overheat and experience a breakdown. These reasons make investing in an upgraded cooler or radiator that much more important. A newer system will be able to keep your car’s temperature down and provide it with extra power.

Choose BMW Performance Parts That Will Make Your BMW Race Ready

As you seek BMW performance parts for your BMW, look to make performance a top priority. Like CarBahn Autoworks recommends, “Before hitting the track, make sure you work to ensure your BMW parts are up to date. Proactive measures like these will help maximize your car’s performance.”

With top-quality performance upgrades, your investment in BMW parts will be worthwhile.