Ceramic Pro – Give Your Car a Shine that Looks New Everyday


You just had a ride of your new sedan, it looks awesome – and you want to preserve it that way?

Drive a car that looks new everyday; give it the shine and flair of Ceramic Pro coating!

A Unique Coating You Have Never Seen Before

The one-of-a-kind Ceramic Pro is a transparent Nano ceramic coating that chemically bonds to form a super-strong, rigid structure. The protective shield is permanent in nature and impervious to contamination, fire, corrosion and harsh weather conditions. It helps preserve the factory paint and makes the surface of your car smooth and glossy as new. Adding to its uniqueness, the coating is super hydrophobic and self-cleaning.

No other form of surface coating comes close to Ceramic Pro! It is the only coating brand approved & certified by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS), the world’s top inspection, verification and certification body. Its distinctive multi-layering property helps increase the micron thickness of Nano glass coating. For instance, a single coating of Ceramic Pro 9H delivers 1µm glass thickness. No other surface coating delivers this level of protection, smoothness and durability.

Is Ceramic Pro Worth an Investment?

Discussed here are the key benefits of Ceramic Pro that ensures the best value for money.

  1. The Best Car Paint Coating Ever

From accidental scratches to dirt, mud and other contaminants – your car faces it all! Give your car’s paint coating a protective layer of Ceramic Pro. It is based on Nano-coating technology that can resist any kind of damage to a great extent. And your car looks new, stylish and glossy as ever!

  1. Unique Paint Coating that Stays for Long

Unlike traditional wax or polymer sealant, a ceramic paint coating lasts longer. The protective Nano glass coating is resistant to external forces like scratches, oxidation, stain or corrosion. It bonds to the surface at a molecular level, filling in the Nano pores and making it ultra rigid & durable. The best-in-class Ceramic Pro coating may last for a lifetime, ensuring the best value for your money.

  1. Less Maintenance

The ceramic polished surface does not allow dust, dirt or tar to stick to your car’s original paint surface. This leaves the surface in a pristine condition. Ceramic Pro coating is self-cleaning and thus, ensures low maintenance. No more wasting time in washing your car, no more frequent visits to auto service centres! Bid adieu to time-consuming & costly waxing process!

  1. Your Car Wears a New Look All the Time

With just a single layer of this revolutionary paint coating, you will see immediate results in terms of colour depth, glossiness and finish. Ceramic Pro can make your car shine as new for years to come.

Ceramic Pro protects your car’s exterior from deteriorating for a lifetime. It always stays new and ensures a better resale value. So, isn’t it worth your investment?

Still apprehensive about having your car coated with Ceramic Pro? There are still more aces rolled up the sleeves.

Why Ceramic Pro is the Leading Car Coating Brand in the World?

What makes Ceramic Pro unmatched as against other brands in the world? Here are some good reasons for you:

  • All Ceramic Pro products have been tested and validated by SGS, the world’s leading entity for inspection, verification and certification. No other car paint protection brands have been officially tested till date. Only Ceramic Pro is tested and certified to be non-toxic and safe
  • World-patented, cutting-edge technology based on ceramic molecular compounds, nanoceramics. It isn’t typical sealant, wax or glass coating available in the market. It provides thicker coating, stronger protection and higher gloss level
  • Continuous research & development and testing to offer newer versions of products, ensuring the highest standards of quality
  • 9H Nano protective layer for unparalleled paint protection + shine treatment
  • Globally acclaimed with presence in over 78+ countries
  • A trusted choice for detailing and car care professionals such as ecurie25, Audi, Carlsson Cars, the tuners for Mercedes-Benz

No wonder why Ceramic Pro is the most popular choice for surface protection in automotive aircraft, marine, machinery, construction and textile industries. Now it’s your turn too! To get the more information you can visit http://ceramicpro.co.in/ .