Car modification in Chennai


The modified car is the car that has been changed or modify with the aim of increasing appearance and performance. A proper service will enhance their performance, make it run smoothly, will enhance the fuel economy and reduce the engine sound. This is the important part when you want to modify the car like new.

Car modification is gaining popularity among the Indians. It gives a new look to your car. Besides the looks, you also get other benefits from your modified car. There are various ways you can choose to change the look of your car. Here, we bring you a few ways to modify your cars:-

  • Take it to car spa: We should indulge our car as well. There are many options available in metro cities these days. The various car modification centres that provide with interior and exterior spa. It doesn’t involve only a foam wash and also provide complete interior clean up, steam process for removing germs, rubbing and polishing etc. These treatments will also take care of removing stains and minor external scratches. Your car will shine like new after a thorough process.
  • Remove car odor: A car which smells good, feels good. Spray small car perfume that will also take care of unwanted cabin odor. Be careful of cheaper ones that stop leaking when you park your car.
  • Car accessories: When you want to give new look to car then you can invest into new seats, floor mates, steeling wear cover and new number plates. You will be surprised to see a world of difference with these changes.
  • New tyres for your car: The tyres are the only contact points between the car and the road. Tyres are only essential for traction but also control the amount of road noise filtering into the cabin as well as absorption of undulations. It leads to road noise and a hard ride quality. So, we recommend you to get your car a new set of tyres if they are older than 4-5 years.
  • Bumper touchup: Our car bumpers finish up taking a lot of hit by other vehicles. Scratches and dents are the common thing. In these days, it is easy to repair. You can get the dents removed from the bumper. There are many workshops which experts in repairing of bumpers. You can buy a new bumper for your car and spend some money in getting it painted.
  • Lights and horns: The potency of old cars can go low with the passage of time. We recommend you to purchase new bulbs. A lot of companies are making excellent products which have better illumination power while remaining the same ratings. You can buy new car horns as well.

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