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Apollo’s latest high-performance tyre in the market is the Apollo Alpha-H1. This is the brand’s first steel radial tyre designed for high-performance sports bikes such as TVS Apache RR310 and KTM 390 Duke.

Alpha-H1 is the first bike tyre by Apollo which is manufactured for both on and off-road use. With this, Apollo aims to compete against tyres brands like Metzeler and Michelin Tyres.

Let’s look at some of the standout features of Alpha-H1:

Design of Tyre: This tyre has been designed to handle extreme tyre expansion at high speed, thus ensuring maximum contact patch. Tyre stiffness has been improved drastically with the use of a steel belt that goes along the circumference of the tyre. These belts with steel coated wires also provide better rigidity to the overall structure.

Latest technology: This tyre has been made with the latest and advanced multilayer compound technology. This technology imparts exceptional grip to the tyre on both dry as well as wet surface and also while cornering at high speed. The ‘V’ shaped grooves on the tyre shoulder make it look attractive.

Handling: Alpha-H1s are capable of offering a great balance for dry as well as slippery tracks at high acceleration. Even at high speed, they feel extremely planted. ‘V’ shaped grooves evacuate the groundwater much quickly and efficiently.

Size options:  Apollo offers these tyres in 110/70 ZR17 for front and 150/60 ZR 17 rear tyres.

The Apollo Alpha-H1 is Apollo’s invention for motorbike tyres. These tyres are the company’s first motorcycle steel radial tyres that are designed to deliver high performance. These tyres are designed to provide more grip and increased tread life. The company has claimed that the Alpha-H1 offers 50 per cent more tread life than the standard tyres used on KTM 390 Duke and KTM RC 390. These tyres provide good grip on-road as well as off-the-road tracks.

Let’s look at the specifications of Alpha-H1:

  • Alpha-H1 front tyre’s size is 110/70 ZR17, with 54 load index and W speed index. Alpha-H1 rare tyre’s size is 150/60 ZR17, with 66 load index and W speed index.
  • The tyres are made with zero degree steel belts that maintain stability on high speed without much structural deformation.
  • For outstanding sports handling, these tyres have dual radii cavity that quickly achieves lean angles.
  • For maximum grip on a wet and dry surface and optimum tread mileage, the tyre is made with a premium blend of silica and carbon black.
  • For short braking distance and excellent performance on a wet surface, the tyres have V-oriented grooves.

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