You Don’t Know Your Car as Well as You Should: Here Are Some Easy, Affordable Preservation Practices


Keeping your vehicle fit as a fiddle doesn’t require any kind of radical technical tutelage or mechanical accreditation, but you’d be amazed at how many Britons flout basic, rudimentary automotive conservation tricks.

Under the Hood and Behind the Wheel

The mean monthly car loan fee in the United Kingdom is now on the crest of €450 and spans across almost six years from start to finish, so you obviously want to shield yourself from any gratuitous outgoings and functional cessations:

  • Keep your RPMs as low as possible during your daily commutes to allay hard wear on your engine, but be sure to throttle your gas pedal and reach the red RPM line at least once every 500 miles to blast away dogged carbon residues from the valves and tubes.
  • Don’t let your AC unit remain latent for too long, even during the wintertime. The refrigerant will begin to drip, and you’ll ultimately have to pay for a pricey re-gassing service, so let the AC stretch its legs every few weeks no matter the temperature outside.
  • Fluid top-offs should be a persistent habit between services. Refer to your handbook for the inside scoop on which bottles you need, such as motor oil, coolant, windscreen liquid, and the like.

You should also obtain an ergonomic car cover for long dormant periods and a tyre tester to confirm beneficial pressure year-round, but your highest priority should be to visit your local car garage in Swindon in accordance with your service schedule.

Service Schedule? What Do You Mean?

Every vehicle leaflet features a chapter that designates how often you should direct a specialised survey and mechanical service on your car.

These parameters are a beacon to help you stay on top of your car’s condition, so follow it faithfully.