Why number plates should be seen as an investment


When it comes to making an investment for your future you are likely to think about jewellery, about property and probably about cars too. Chances are that number plates are not top of your list of things to invest in. However, we think that those people who are looking for something a little different to invest in, should definitely consider number plates.

When it comes to buying number plates, a National Numbers survey found that the main reason that people decided to buy a new number plate is because they want to personalise it and make their car unique.

Others simply chose a number plate, not because it was personal, but because it made them feel that their car looked a whole lot better. That said, there are people who have the idea of buying a number plate simply because they know that in the future it is going to be worth something (or at least they hope so). But where have they got this idea from? Is there any truth in number plates being a future investment?

Number plates are an investment

In order to learn more about whether or not a number plate should be seen as investment, it makes sense to look at some of the auctions where older number plates were sold. We don’t know how much the number plate M1 was bought for back in 1920, but we do know that it was originally owned by Maurice, the son of the Third Lord Egerton of Tatton, who was somewhat of a motoring enthusiast with his father. The plate was left as a part of the estate and when Maurice died it was sold by the National Trust and the Cheshire County Council for a rather impressive sum of £331,500, bought by a businessman as a gift for his 6 year old son.

Another example of just how much a number plate can be worth is S 1, which during 2008 was sold for the rather impressive sum of £397,500. The reason for this remarkable price tag was probably linked to the fact that this number plate was the first car registration that was issued Edinburgh and was owned by the motoring pioneer Sir John MacDonald.

Which number plates to buy

If you are thinking about buying a number plate as an investment then the top selling plates that you need to look for are those that are classed as being dateless plates. These number plates do not clearly indicate within which they were issued.

These plates were issued between the years of 1903 and 1963 and are the simplest of all the number plate styles. That said, the newer style of number plates can still be worth buying, however, it really depends on what the number plate says and perhaps even who it was owned by.

We can’t promise that you will find a number plate that is going to change your life when it is sold, however, what we can promise you that if you find a good one then you are going to make some money back on your initial investment.