Why Lease A Van Instead of Purchasing One


Purchasing or leasing a van may not be on the mind of most people, but there are certain times that you would need one. Be it to transport your personal items or to deliver goods around, here are some reasons why leasing is better than purchasing.

  • Lower upfront costs
  • Pay no maintenance
  • Wide range to choose from

Lower upfront costs

When purchasing a vehicle (whether it is a car or van), there is the upfront down payment and other miscellaneous fees to consider like the insurance, taxes, etc. When leasing a van, all you will have to do is to come up with a small deposit and pay the monthly instalments.

Pay no maintenance

There are companies that offer van leasing in Cardiff, and if you lease a van from them, you would not have to pay for the regular maintenance like oil and filter change, replacement of the battery and spark plugs, topping up of brake fluids, etc. Everything else is paid for, unless you are involved in a major accident, which you will be responsible for it.

Wide range to choose from

Bored of the current model that you are driving? Speak with the leasing company and they might even allow you to change it to their available models. You could even change it after your leasing contract is up. This flexibility offers you the luxury of choice.

Before leasing a van, always set aside a certain sum of money to pay for accidental expenses such as a traffic accident, giving up the vehicle earlier before the stated contract date, etc.