Which Is the Best Car Insurance Calculator Online


Car owners are mandated by law to buy a car insurance policy on their cars. Not only that, the policy should be renewed every year for continued coverage. Given the legal mandate and the coverage provided, car insurance policies are quite popular among car owners. The plans cover any third party liability and Golden Beach Real Estate, if, you choose a comprehensive policy, you also get coverage for the damages suffered by your car. When buying car insurance, many of you try and compare the different plans available. When comparing, the premium is also given due consideration. You want to know the premiums charged by different companies before finalising the policy which you would buy. Do you know how you can know the premiums of your car insurance policy across different insurers?

If you don’t, the answer is simple – through online car insurance calculators. Do you know what these calculators are?

Things to know about car insurance calculators

Car insurance calculators are online premium calculators which calculate the premium of the car insurance policy based on the details you provide. The details include the car model, registration and manufacturing year, location, new policy or renewal of an existing policy, add-ons required, etc.

How to find the best car insurance calculators online?

Since online car insurance calculators allow you to calculate car insurance premiums online, they are quite popular. You can get access to a calculator in the following two ways –

  • Through the insurance company’s website– insurance companies have their own car insurance calculators. These calculators calculate the premium of the company’s car insurance policy
  • Through insurance aggregator’s or online broker’s website– besides insurance companies, insurance aggregators and online brokers also sell online car insurance policies. These platforms also have car insurance calculators which calculate premiums of different car insurance policies sold on their platforms.

Which is the best car insurance calculator online?

Which calculator, do you think, is the best – the insurance company’s or other online platforms’ (aggregators and brokers)?

Calculators offered by online insurance brokers and aggregators are the best. Here are the reasons why –

  • Multiple premium calculations at once

While insurance companies only calculate their own premiums, online brokers and aggregators let you calculate premiums of different companies at once. This makes comparing easy. You can compare the different car insurance plans on their premium rates at one single platform without having to calculate the premium of each company separately.

  • You can compare the coverage features too

Online car insurance calculators offered by insurance aggregators and online brokers also let you buy the best car insurance policy online. After comparing the policies on their coverage features and premium rates, you can also buy the policy directly from the platform. There is, usually, a ‘Buy Now’ button or a ‘Buy’ button against all the displayed premium calculations. By clicking these buttons, the policy can be bought instantly.

  • You also get expert advice

Online insurance aggregators and brokers are expert in the field of insurance. They have their own executives which help in guiding you to buy the most suitable car insurance policy for your needs. Their calculators often ask you for your contact details. These details are used by their representatives to help you in buying the policy online. Moreover, many of these websites also offer their expert assistance at the time of car insurance claims. You just have to contact them and they guide you with the claim process and help you in getting a quick settlement of your claims.

So, online car insurance calculators are a great help in letting you calculate the premium of your car insurance policies beforehand. If you choose calculators offered by online insurance brokers and aggregators, you can also compare the different premium rates at once. Coverfox.com is also an online platform which offers you online car insurance calculators. Their calculators help you calculate the premiums of leading car insurance policies. You can buy a plan online after calculating your premiums. The process is simple and easy. Coverfox also offers its assistance when you face a claim. So, use online calculators and calculate your premiums before you buy a car insurance policy.