What Other Services Does a Tyre Business Offer?


When you drive into a tyre shop, you obviously expect they remove old tyres and replace them with new ones, yet there is a range of other services that a tyre supplier would offer. Of course, a lot depends on the scope of the facility, as some tyres suppliers do not have specific equipment for tracking and other important aspects of vehicle safety, and with that in mind, here is a list of special services that a major tyre shop would have on their menu.

  • Replacing Exhaust Systems – Some tyre shops also replace exhaust systems, which might be partial or total, depending on the vehicle and the condition of the exhaust system. Finding a tyre supplier in Stourbridge that replaces exhausts is easy with an online search, and they can typically replace an exhaust system in less than one hour.
  • Replacing Worn Brake Pads – Modern vehicles only use brake pads, while older models might still use drum type brakes on the rear, but either way, if they are worn and need replacing, the tyre shop is the best place to visit. If, for any reason, your brakes feel spongy or are not performing as they should, ask a tyre shop to investigate.
  • Replacing Batteries – Car batteries last on average about 3 years, after which time, the battery no longer holds charge. The type of battery would depend on the make and model of the car, and the owner’s manual would stipulate the battery specifications.
  • Suspension – Replacement & Repairs – The shock absorbers of every vehicle are subject to wear and tear, and once they no longer perform as they should, it is time for either a repair or replacement, whichever is more appropriate.

Not all tyre shops will offer the above services, but any that is established and has the right equipment would offer the complete range of repairs and replacements.