Pearl 1153: why is it one of the best car tarpaulins on the market?


Nothing like reliable weather protection for your car. It is for this reason that the Peraline 1153 has been realized. It is designed to effectively protect your car against all forms of weather that can affect its quality, color or body. Designed with anti-scratch PVC, this tarp will be your best friend during storms or even during the heat wave. In addition, it’s beautiful black color will help you to remain discreet while having peace of mind.

The Peraline 1153 seems to be a good model. Only PVC is really too rigid. Consequence: tears at the first installation and scratches on the bodywork. In addition, note the size that does not cover the entire car. So, the back can still be exposed. Which is not a good point either? Another thing, the color is not very attractive either; it’s as if the black had been faded.

Good points

The Peraline 1153 is a beautiful black color as the Carson 190T. You can choose the model in gray, according to your preferences. But in black, she is more sober, more discreet and more modern. What are also interesting is the eyelets along the hem that reinforces the safety and fastening strap. Also, the zip opening on the driver’s side greatly facilitates installation and has been well thought out. And just like the Auden XXL or the MATCC 485 x 190 x 185 cm, and besides all of our models, it is resistant and totally waterproof. For more details on these other models, do not hesitate to consult our specialized section about outdoor car cover.

In a few words

This Peraline 1153 protective cover can be summed up in these words: quality and resistance. Whether you choose to take your car out during the day, under the sun or in the rain, or leave it outside at night or even in the garage, you can use this tarpaulin. The PVC with which it is made is strong enough to protect against all external attacks. In top selection, you can also see that this tarpaulin meets all your needs for security and protection. It protects against dust and air pollution and is waterproof.


Brand: Peraline

Model: 1153

Type: Tarpaulin Car

Fasteners: Rubber Straps

Color: Black

Material: PVC Product

Dimension: 524 x 191 x 122 cm

Peraline 1153 test: the guarantee of a clean car

According to the test, the Peraline 1153 is not an ordinary tarpaulin. It presents the basic strengths necessary, but is also very special. First, it is not made with neoprene, and PVC is enough to make it waterproof. Then it has a zip opening that facilitates installation and helps you to undo without problem. This is very useful in case of eagerness. The size is also perfect for most cars. So we can say that it is a standard model.

A beautiful achievement

We attest to the quality of the Peraline 1153, because it has everything you need to make a good protective cover. This cover, by its shape and color, as this differentiation points that will tip the scales in its favor, including the PVC strap and zipper opening. On the one hand, you will have no trouble installing it, because the elastic straps and eyelets will help you. And on the other side, you can rest even during a storm, because the quality of PVC fabric protects the car. In addition, it is easy to wash.


If many prefer flashy tarpaulins, with this model, the Peraline 1153, you can choose discretion and sobriety. This does not detract from the quality, proven by the different strengths of this model. So if you need a durable, yet simple and easy-to-use cover, choose the Peraline 1153.

Preparing your car for the winter: lubrication

In 5 easy steps, you can lubricate your car to prevent problems related to the winter climate. Lubricate window guides, window and door seals, hood latch, door locks and hinges.

Lubricate window slides

Spray window slides with silicone spray lubricant or dry Teflon lubricant. The silicone does not dry out even in cold weather and the windows will slide easily, thus preserving the motors windows.

Lubricate the gaskets on the doors

Spray a silicone aerosol on all seals. The silicone will prevent the ice from adhering the rubber to the door metal. This will make opening the doors easier and could even prevent the joints from being torn off.

Lubricate the hood latch

This will prevent you from having to fight a seized hood latch when it is snowing and you want to add washer fluid.

Lubricate the locks

Preserve the fluidity of operation of the barrels of your locks by injecting a lubricant aerosol based Teflon. You cannot predict when your keyless remote unlocking system will fail you.

Lubricate door hinges

Spray lithium grease on door hinges so they always open easily and do not rust. For most of us, snow and ice are imminent. Here are the parts you need to lubricate on your vehicle before the winter breaks.

Material needed for this project

Avoid having to travel at the last minute to buy the missing equipment by preparing in advance.


Put your finger on the scratch. If the stripe seems shallow, you are lucky because only the clear coating has been damaged; the paint layer has remained intact. Just go to a car parts retailer and get some polishing paste, then follow the directions for use. On the other hand, if the scratch is deep, the polishing will be useless. The only solution is to paint the stripe to hide it. Find nail polish (at home, in a pharmacy or department store) the same color as your car and gently paint the scratch, then let it dry. If you put too much varnish, you can remove the excess with a cotton cloth soaked in nail polish remover. Let it dry then start again.


If the bump is on or near the wheel well, you can repair it using a hammer, but only after removing the plastic protector under the wheel arch. Before you start, make sure you have activated the car’s parking brake. Then, using a small screwdriver, remove the four to six screws that hold the protector in place. Depending on the size of the lump, you can deposes it with your fingers or a hammer. On the other hand, if the bump is on the plastic protector, there is no need to remove it. Slip under the vehicle and push with your fingers the damaged part of the protector so that it returns to its original shape. If the bump is on the side of the car, you will need to use suction to repair it. To get there, you need to find something with a suction cup, like some automatic sharpeners. You can also find everything you need at a car parts dealer. Place the suction cup on the bumpy part and pull: if you hear a little “pop”, you have succeeded! The body will have returned to its original shape.