Keeping Your Tyres in Tip-Top Shape: A Word to the Wise about Stretching Their Lifespan


The contact patch is essentially your vehicle’s footprint, and it denotes the square area of the tyre that is touching the ground at any given point in time, which means that only a small section of the rubber bears the brunt of vehicular weight.

Consequently, you have to ensure that your contact patch is always stout, well-maintained, and resistant to deterioration, particularly if you’ve been spending far too much on tyre replacements.

Bolstering Your Tyre Care Routine

From the moment you acquire a set of brand new tyres to the time when you have to swap them out again, there are several behaviours you can follow to support the health of your wheels. Consider taking the following steps:

  • Spend a few pounds on a reliable pressure meter and utilise this handy tool to monitor the air in your tyres every 15 days. Your manufacturer’s tyre pressure parameters can be located in your user manual.
  • Do a little bit of spring cleaning in your vehicle every so often. Superfluous weight will increase the size of your contact patch and ultimately put unjustified strain on the rubber.
  • Schedule an economical tyre rotation once every 5,000 miles. Swapping the tyres on the same side between axles fosters even-handed tread wear.

Likewise, you should coordinate an alignment with your community garage services in Bexhill-on-Sea whenever you hit a rut, kerb, pothole, or protruding object on the road. A crooked alignment will lay waste to your tyres.

How Much Does an Alignment and Tyre Rotation Cost?

These two services are arguably the most budget-friendly auto care services in the entire sector.

Better still, they enable you to enjoy your current set of tyres for much longer, so be sure to check in with your local garage twice per year or whenever you suspect you have a tyre issue.