Important questions to ask before purchasing a pre-owned car


Everyone always loves a new smell of a brand new car, but let’s not forgets that beautiful scent comes with a price. Even sometimes it’s not wise paying a massive sum of money for something new while you can still get the same product at an affordable cost. Buying used cars in Montclair or any other genuine dealership is a smart move since it can save you about 30% off a stickler price.

 But if you’ve decided you are going for a brand new car, you have to make sure it’s truly a brand new one but not just covered up a pre-owned vehicle. Here are various helpful questions to consider before you get your hands on a brand new car:

Request for (VIN), Vehicle Identification Number 

 With the assistance of VIN, you can manage to request for vehicle’s history report from various companies; such s Through car VIN you can also discover some hidden rotten information about the car. VIN report shows the prior owners of the vehicle that you about to buy. 

Maintenance history of the vehicle 

Before exchanging car ownership, a new buyer should request for various maintenance details such as oil changes record, routine maintenance, and mechanical work history. 

The main reason for selling the vehicle 

There are several untrustworthy salesmen, so regardless of how they are trying to convince you with sweet deals to make you purchase the vehicle, never rely on their honestly. Suppose the current owner cannot offer you all the necessary information about the car, that’s a clear indication that there is some fishy information about him/her trying to cover up. 

Is the car still under warranty cover?

Just the same as you are buying a TV set or any other electronic, you should opt for a vehicle with more time left before the expiry date. That’s referred to as warranty, whereby if any unexpected damage carried from the manufacture, the buyer could be compensated. 

Can I take a test drive?

In case you’ve noticed the car owner doesn’t support taking the car for a test drive before handing it over to you, don’t even bother to ask for anything. Just drop the deal since it means there is some severe issue he or she doesn’t want to expose it to you. But if he or she accepts the test drive, while driving pay keen attention to the engine performance, especially on the highways, hills and on traffic.

Ask whether to take the vehicle to a mechanic.

Taking a car to the mechanic can cost you less than $100. You can even look for a car specialist for can detect a hidden or looming problem of a particular vehicle. Inspecting through automotive diagnostic service is also another helpful way of analyzing a car. Browse through used cars in Montclair website to find more useful ideas of inspecting a pre-owned vehicle.