How To Run a Truck Business_ BabaTrucks Has All The Answers!


Trucking industry in India has been susceptible to a multitude of obstacles that they need to cross indefinitely. These hindrances have trickled down from management issues to basic transportation and communication gaps. These problems are sure to make you wonder: How do I run my truck business in an efficient and productive manner? If this is true, then you have come to the right place, because BabaTrucks has great insights into how you can build, and run, a successful freight business.

Get on board with GPS tracking

Simply receiving a shipment and subsequently dispatching it is not where the job ends when it comes to the trucking industry. As the fleet manager, or owner, you need to keep a strict eye on where your cargo is, and where your trucks are routing themselves to. This is a herculean task in itself, and when you have multiple trucks on the road, the trouble intensifies. But a comprehensive vehicle tracking system can make your worries go away. It provides a single platform for you to digitally manage and monitor your trucks simultaneously. GPS tracking provides you the opportunity to make delivery deadlines and maintain transparency between you and your employees. It helps you know where your trucks are at all times, and improves your ability to remotely navigate them.

Minimise paperwork

It is common knowledge that running a business can entail a lot of paperwork, which is highly time consuming. So it is imperative that to improve your business practices, you must invest in a system that reduces the amount of documentation needed. For instance, truck insurance requires a lot of paperwork to keep and update. However, there are fleet management solutions available that allow you to keep all documentation digitally and hassle-free.

Stay on top of maintenance

The focal point of your business is trucks, so their upkeep should be high on your priority list. When you have many trucks as a part of your fleet, you may not be able to keep up with servicing for each one of them. Hence, it is vital to take help in the form of a fleet management system that sends you regular alerts about upcoming maintenance activities, along with keeping an accurate log about the past servicing endeavours. Moreover, with notifications on engine health, temperature, etc., you can effectively stay steps ahead from potential breakdowns.

Comply with safe driving practices

An unsafe driver on the road puts their own life, and the cargo, at major risk. Loss of money, and more importantly, loss of life can impede the growth of the business. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the truck drivers are following all traffic mandates, are not indulging in over speeding or harsh braking, and are not unnecessarily idling. A vehicle that is driven well is much more productive than one that isn’t.

These are some of the many ways of how you can successfully run a truck business. BabaTrucks can help you masterfully operate your business by being your partner in every step of the way. So whether you want to monitor your trucks, or get them insured, or obtain a wide range of trucking products for your fleet, or much more; BabaTrucks has all the answers!