Affordable Tyre Replacement Solutions


We all know the high cost of motoring these days, what with ever rising insurance and road tax, not to mention the cost of fuel, and when it comes to replacing tyres, you’ll be pleased to hear of an affordable alternative to new tyres.

Partly Worn Tyres

There are many instances where car tyres are discarded when they still have some life left in them. It might be that:

  • The owner wishes to replace them even though they still have a lot of tread left.
  • The vehicle has been written off due to accident damage

Luckily there is an established cheap tyres supplier in Leeds who has an extensive catalogue of partly worn tyres that are good for another year of driving, and with very affordable prices, re-shoeing your wheels doesn’t have to break the bank. The company has extensive contacts in the auto industry, and any tyres that still have a lot of good use are brought to their facility, and whether a walk-in or booking by appointment, the chances are they can help you out with quality used tyres that still have a lot of life left in them.

Huge Savings

If you are looking to change all 4 tyres, there are considerable savings to be had, and with quality brands like Michelin, Goodyear and Pirelli, you can be sure of a safe driving experience for at least another 6 months, if not longer. Many tyres are rejected, as they either have too little tread, or have sidewall damage, and the supplier will not sell any tyres that do not meet their high standards.

You Decide

Once you arrive at their facility, they will show you the range of tyres that will fit your vehicle and you get to choose which tyres you want. The technician will inspect the tyres one more time before the fitting, just to be sure they are fine, and the savings are significant when compared to new tyres.