Affordable Car Modifications You Will Want for Your Ride


Every sworn car enthusiast wants to enjoy driving a sweet ride. While there the majority of cars today include superb features such as improved aerodynamic design and specialized tires, many car owners still want to create a personalized vehicle that best reflects their personality.

If you’re one of the millions of car aficionados in the world, then you most probably know how costly it is to have your car modified by professionals.

Your car customization expenses can cost you a few years worth of savings.

Fortunately, there is a ton of affordable car modifications that you can do on your own. We have gathered our top inexpensive car customization ideas below.

Wow the crowd with a car wrap

Because car paint jobs tend to cost a lot of money, not a lot of people are too keen on investing their money on it.

If you want to upgrade your car’s exterior but you don’t have enough budget for new paint, you can opt for a car wrap instead. It’s a cheaper option but it still looks quite as good as a classic paint job.

To wrap a car, you need to prepare its surface. It has to be squeaky clean so the vinyl wrap sticks to surface seamlessly.

You have the option to do it alone or enlist the help of your friends or family members. Either way, car wrapping is a super easy task that can surely level up the aesthetic appeal of your auto.

Replace the seat covers

New car seats can cost around $50 to $600 per piece. Unless you don’t mind spending that much money on one car seat alone, you can opt to replace the seat covers instead.

Universal-fit covers usually cost around $10 to $70 each. But if you want personalized covers, you might need to shell out around $100 to $300 per row.

If you want to spruce up your car’s interior, you can try replacing the seat covers.

This is the perfect option, most especially, if your car seats are still in good condition.

Install an LED lighting kit

Adding some good-old LED lights inside your car will surely help you turn more heads when you drive by. When you set up the LED lights, check the connection of the wires.

If you don’t attach everything correctly, it may not light up properly. Also, be tasteful when you install LED lights. Focus on the best parts of the car’s interior that you want to highlight.

For example, you can place the lighting kit on the dashboard or the outline of the car door.

A lighting kit is quite easy to set up once you have the necessary equipment.

Use of headlight films

Some car owners want to replace their headlight to boost their car’s appeal. However, it can be quite costly to buy headlight replacement. Hence, instead of using up your savings on a new headlight, you can spruce up the old one by applying headlight films instead.

Headlight films are so trendy these days so you will most likely find one at your local car accessories shop.

Add a nifty phone holder

Nowadays you can find a phone holder in various shapes, colours and sizes. Choose one that best complements the interior of your car.

You can opt for simple phone holders or try loud and brightly coloured ones. Just make sure that the holder performs its function. Also, see to it that it won’t in any way affect your movements most especially when you steer the wheel.

Make the middle console comfy

You can make the middle console of your car extra comfy by adding a cover. You can choose from leather, neoprene, sheepskin or vinyl covers.

Today, middle console cover manufacturers use a wide variety of materials to make their product more desirable. They also make console covers in various shades and colours.

Add video screen to some of the chairs

Do you travel around with a lot of kids? If yes, you should install a video screen on one of the chairs. You can install games or alternatively, you can play movies like Frozen or How to Tame Your Dragon.

It’s one of the most effective ways you can keep the kids entertained whenever you head out with them.

Add a colourful cover to your backup wheel

Make the backup wheel look exciting using a vibrantly coloured tire cover. For example, you can add a knitted or crocheted cover. There are also covers made from vinyl or thick canvass.

It’s a simple yet effective way you can add more charm to your car’s exterior design.

In the words of Ferdinand Porsche, “I couldn’t find the sports car of my dreams, so I built it myself”. Feel free to use any of the car customization ideas we shared in the article.

Just make sure that the modifications you’ll make won’t affect your safety. Also, try to consult with your car insurance provider to make sure that your planned car customization project won’t affect the current policy you signed up for. In case it does, you should visit Quoteradar and browse through its database of modified car insurance information.