Advantages of Transmission Belts on an Automotive


Transmission belts differ entirely from other chains or ropes. The truth of the matter is that an ordinary belt or chain is cheaper compared to correas de transmisión. Those regular belts are typically inexpensive, simple and also isolates vibration and noise. Transmission belts are shock absorbers, and they don’t need lubrication. Also, they require just little maintenance; thus, it reduces effort and time.

The ordinary belt has a higher efficiency of 90 to 98%, usually 95%. It also offers a higher tolerance for misalignment. Also, they are less costly when shafts are much apart. Typically, transmission belts are continuous looped tripped material used to connect rotating shafts. They are usually looped on top of the pulleys. Here are some functions of the transmission belt:

For power transmission

Transmission belts are commonly used in power transmission to substitute large system gears and pulleys. However, due to the latest materials used and technologies, and the newest applications have been established for this equipment.

For heavy machinery

Transmission belts are also used in heavy machinery like spinning machines, roller conveyor, industrial fans, presses and textile machines. Mostly, belt systems are related to chains systems. So you should review thoroughly on the system type before you decide precisely the purpose it will serve. Here are more benefits of transmission belts:

Smooth operation

Transmission belt effectively assists the entire system is operating smoothly without problems. Also, they require less maintenance and offer maximum comfort.

No lubrication

Due to many benefits, transmission belt has overshadowed other chain systems in the market. Also, another great advantage is the lubrication feature which is usually formed petrol or oil. It also represents the significant for your resources.

Low levels of noise

Transmission belt produces little sound during operations. Lesser noise is an essential advantage, especially in places where loud noise is restricted.

Little tear and wear

They can last longer with proper maintenance. Require maintenance is less frequent and cost-effective. Also, it involves minimum scratches for other parts such as pulleys.

Higher efficiency and speed

Not only this system is easier to run, but also it offers reliable efficiency and higher operations speed.

Safety and protection from accidents

The transmission belt is designed to offer security and security from the accident. Furthermore, it is designed from a lesser stretch material, preferably glass fiberglass. It is often tensioned without being installed. The tooth profile is also essential when it comes to creating the finest transmission values.


So, it is advisable always to choose correas de transmisión since it will save you from the hassle and more expense. Also, make sure that you’ve to purchase the best quality belts that are made from high-grade material. Best quality ensures perfect compatibility and reliable engineering services.