3 Tips To Consider While Packing Your Van


Since there are quite a lot of vehicles to choose from while packing your items that you are planning to move to your new studio or your new home, going for a van is definitely the best choice, because you can easily hire a van of the appropriate size for the occasion, and the scales of those sizes go from small to large.

Because hiring a van to move your things is quite a popular occasion these days, there are quite a lot of companies that you can hire a van from, however, going with someone who has good reputation like Go With The Gecko is probably the best idea. Hiring from someone who has good customer support in the past week or month, especially by the internet standards is definitely going to be a great experience.

Get some moving gear

It is very common for people to just carry all of their items with their hands into the van, however, when moving beds, shelves, or pretty much any big furniture, you will definitely have some trouble. Naturally, it is the best idea to take that furniture apart if possible, however, getting some straps or ropes to lift and carry the furniture with more people is a great idea if taking the furniture apart is not possible.

Pack similar things into a box

Organizing your items is going to save you a lot of time, especially when you are unpacking later on. The first step before you actually start packing similar items into a single or multiple labeled box is to make a list. By listing all similar items, you should check them off the list as you put them into the box, this way, you are going to be certain that you didn’t forget anything.

Labeling boxes can be done in all kinds of ways, but the most common way to do it is to use a marker on the boxes, there is quite a big probability you are not going to use them again anyway, and if you do, just pack the same kind of items into them again.

Spread the work

If you decide to van hire Brisbane with Go With The Gecko, then you will probably not move the items too far. This means that you can pack the van half full with one batch of items, and while some people are delivering the items to the new destination, the others that are left behind can prepare the next batch, this will surprisingly speed up the process, while still giving you the little rest you may require.

Hiring a big van is optimal doe moving

Final Word

Using a van to transport items is definitely the best choice out there, and while vans can usually carry quite a lot of items, you can really increase the number of items carried, as well as the speed of transporting those items if your organization is done well.