3 Great Reasons Why Calling Into Your Local Breakers Yard May Be a Smart Decision.


If you own a car in the UK, then you will understand the expense of keeping it on the road. There is the tax and the insurance and that’s before you even start it and take it out on the road. You then have to put petrol or diesel in it to get to where you want to go, and all that driving is having a negative effect on your car. At some point, all that driving will take its toll on your engine or other parts of the car and you will need to buy a part to get it going again. Now, you have 2 choices. You can buy new and pay through the nose, or you can buy quality, used from a breakers yard and save a lot of money.

There are a number of quality car breakers in Weston-Super-Mare who provide quality used parts and going to these places for your car parts offers a number of advantages.

  1. The parts that they sell generally come out of cars that have been in an accident, but the parts that you need have never been touched. They will be in perfect working condition having come out of a car that may not be even 1 year old yet.
  2. Some breakers yards, even encourage you to go take the part that you need of the car yourself and then present it at the counter. The part is cheaper, but the price comes down again as you went and got it yourself.
  3. Buying used also reduces your carbon footprint as you are not encouraging the making of new parts.

Used parts just make good financial sense. You get the part that you need for a fraction of what it would cost new.