3 Great Reasons To Buy a Used Car Rather Than A New Car In The UK.


The time may have come for you to change that old car. Yes, it has served you well over all those years, but recently, you have been spending a lot of money fixing it and it spends more time in the mechanic’s garage than on the road, where it should be. Every year when the MOT comes around, your local mechanic finds it harder and harder to prepare it to pass the test and only last year, it barely scraped through. It’s time for a newer car and you have been saving for this day for some time now. Now is the time to put your money where your mouth is and go visit your local used car dealer.

There are a wide variety of discounted used cars in East Devon and you really are spoiled for choice in what you can pick from. Buying a used car is certainly the smart way to go and it offers many benefits to the typical UK driver.

  1. New cars lose almost 30% of their value the moment they are driven out of the showroom. That is a significant loss in a few moments, but the beauty is that you get to avoid all that depreciation when you buy a used car.
  2. Used car dealers now are much more trustworthy and with the internet, they understand the importance of a good reputation is this business and they strive to get you a quality car at a great price.
  3. Most used car dealers have checks done on their cars before they are even offered for sale and if there are any issues, they are fixed immediately. You can be sure that when you buy, that you will have peace of mind.

Get yourself down to your local used car dealer today and see what bargains that they have on offer.