2018 Maruti Suzuki Swift Limited Edition: Top 3 Features


Just recently Maruti Suzuki aimed at re-launching their bestselling vehicle – Swift – but with a few added twists. Well, the release is out, and as per the initial looks, the car itself has received a very major upgrade on both its exterior and interior. The company is the new variants of the bestselling vehicle as “Limited Edition,” and it is very evident from its looks why they intend to sell it only for a short period. If you’re a prospective buyer of a family car which has now received a significant redesign but still has the essentials of what made it the best seller, then this is one of the many Maruti Suzuki cars which you should look out for. Here’s a reflective on the Limited Edition Maruti Suzuki Swift 2018 alongside its three best features.


  • Wheel caps – One of the most distinguishable upgrades while noticing was very clearly the inclusion of black wheel rims without accumulating any extra cost for them. As classic, this upgrade is, it is incredibly underrated as most people don’t see the need to ask for additional cost for different colored wheel rims, but it takes effort, time, and resources to have them painted according to your preferences. Furthermore, this is a feature which a lot of customers and clients will appreciate as earlier they would’ve gotten the stock steel silver rims alongside their vehicle (found in all the LXi/LDi models).
  • Music system – For all the music junkies out there, this one is rather stunning, as Maruti decided to add a Bluetooth music system which is paired to the two main woofers and speakers. This is a very intuitive decision as the inclusion of such high tech speakers has not affected the cost a lot. Their Bluetooth functionality is one of a kind which was not even featured in most Maruti Suzuki cars these days, let alone the entry-level Swift. This special edition or limited edition variant of the Maruti Suzuki Swift is probably the very first to have this stunning piece of technology.
  • Additionals – Alongside the above mentioned two significant upgrades, this limited edition family car got a ton of updates which the entry-level or top-level variants were missing for a lot of years. Features like power windows, parking sensors, and central interior locking have been blessed down upon the latest model of the car. The elements earlier would have cost more on top of the average cost of buying an entry-level model like the LXi or the LDi. However, it indeed is pleasing to see these features being made available to the general public for almost the same price.


The car is all its entirety does have a few new things to look forward to, both – internally and externally. The upgrades are much appreciated and were more or less expected with the standards of an average family car rising with every year. Nonetheless, this limited edition Maruti Suzuki Swift is a must buy a car if you were or still are thinking of purchasing it.